Mass. family wins $15M med-mal suit against hospital « published by Lawyers USA Online

This post was authored by Brian Nash and posted to The Eye Opener on January 5th, 2010.

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Thanks to a Facebook posting from our friends at Nurses for Lawyers, we just learned of a very large verdict ($15,000,000) rendered by a jury in Massachusetts in favor of the parents of a child, who died in 2004 following a series of complications after open heart surgery.  Having had their case rejected by a number of lawyers in Massachusetts, the family turned to a relative, the father’s cousin, California lawyer, James Fox.  The full story is reported by Lawyers USA Online.

Mass. family wins $15M med-mal suit against hospital « Lawyers USA Online.

It is a fascinating story of a family convinced that the physicians, who were attending their son, had done wrong and parents who remained relentless in their pursuit of the truth.  It is a tale of arrogance and some ‘interesting’ record-keeping.  This story plays itself out daily – doctors who are convinced that they can do no wrong and will never be found culpable for such losses are often their own worst enemies when subjected to the rigorous and objective judgment of jurors.

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