House Republican Issa Charges Obama With Lying About Tort Reform

This post was authored by Brian Nash and posted to The Eye Opener on February 8th, 2010.

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Hot off the newswire from Huffington Post via Twitter - House Republican Issa Charges Obama With Lying About Tort Reform.  Looks like things are heating up – once again – in health care/tort reform issues.

Monday morning blues:

President Obama’s health care reform outreach to congressional Republicans got off to a bumpy start on Monday morning, when Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) blasted a statement to reporters headlined: “First Question for President Obama: Did You Lie About Moving Forward on Malpractice Reform?”

“The first question I have for President Obama is if he still stands by his call for tort reform or was he just lying to Congress when he directed Sec. Sebelius to pursue an initiative addressing the costs of defensive medicine,” Issa asked. “When HHS is telling me that malpractice reform is not a ‘priority of this Administration,’ I have to question the sincerity of the President’s commitment to working with Congressional Republicans on a bipartisan basis. A clarification from the Administration would tell us if he is sincere in his effort for bipartisan discussions or if this is just another exercise in futility aimed to make the American people think the White House is serious about bipartisanship.”

Defensive medicine?  Just how many unnecessary tests are run daily, monthly – annually?  What is the cost of this type of medicine on our health care system?  There is no doubt that fear of being sued leads to unnecessary tests – but rather than just make such a general statement, what about a study being done by HHS to get us a real number?  This kind of over-simplification is about as valid as ‘caps lead to lower insurance rates and keep health care costs down’.  How many ‘studies‘ done of states with caps but with no effect on rates do you want cited?

Can we all just step back, take a deep breath and start making some real, meaningful assessments of this issue?  I am not giving up hope that this can happen in my lifetime.  Maybe some more Scott Brown victories will get the message across – we’re all tired of the politics – of which BOTH sides are guilty.  Third Party (not Tea) anyone?

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One Response to “House Republican Issa Charges Obama With Lying About Tort Reform”

  1. mkirschmdNo Gravatar says:

    Lying may be too strong a word, but let’s see what the President comes up with. Personally, I am very skeptical that he or his allies could ever agree to real tort reform. Get ready for some make believe ‘pilot projects’, which go nowhere. See under Legal Quality.

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