Actor Dennis Quaid sues drug maker

This post was authored by Rodd Santomauro and posted to The Eye Opener on May 27th, 2010.

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Last month, we reported in a blog through our website, how actor Dennis Quaid is involved as a patient advocate, after his newborn twins nearly lost their lives back in 2007, from a medical error that could have very easily been prevented.  Put simply, the precious twins were given two doses of Heparin instead of Hep-lock (an anti-coagulant medication widely used for children).  Why is this significant?  Heparin is a drug one thousand times stronger than what the twins were supposed to have received.

Earlier this week, it was reported in the Contra Costa Times, that Mr. Quaid has filed a lawsuit on behalf of his children.  As far as the extent of his children’s injuries, the article states “The children suffered internal injuries and shock, but the extent of what happened to them will probably not be known for years, according to the suit.”  The lawsuit alleges that vials of the 10,000 unit Heparin should have been recalled previous to what happened to his children, because other infants had already died from similar medication errors.  The suit also claims that the company responsible for making the drug, Baxter Healthcare, “was obligated to warn healthcare providers of the previous medication mistakes.”

We wish the best for the Quaid family, and hope that the discovery in this case shines a light on not only finding out exactly what happened in this case, but also makes information available that may be able to save the lives of other children from future similar medical errors.  We will continue to monitor the course of this case.

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One Response to “Actor Dennis Quaid sues drug maker”

  1. Mary H. LeeNo Gravatar says:

    It is a horror for a parent to have gone through the agony of watching their infants bleed out, worse because it was a medical professional who caused this crisis for Dennis Quaid and his wife’s little newborn twins. I personally believe that Mr. Quaied needs to take his adocacy up a notch and sue the FDA who approves all medicines, including labeling. This was a labeling error wherein the pediatric dose is labeled in the same manner as the adult dosage. Time to make the FDA take responsibility for this gross error and any other errors where FDA approves labeling and packaging. My heart goes out to the Quaid family and the sweet twins. My own daughter and her husband had fraternal twins born March 2009, and as a grandparent, I would be livid should they have had to suffer at the hands of the medical profession. Waylon and Marlena are happy and healthy twins, thank God.

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