Kidney Stone Leads to Death and Verdict!

This post was authored by Caitlynn Gillyard and posted to The Eye Opener on June 9th, 2010.

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Recently, a Horry County Jury awarded Mr. Sean Fay nearly $3 million for the death of his late wife, who passed away in 2002, following problems she encountered with a kidney stone.

The Sun News reports that Mrs. Kelly Fay presented to Grand Strand Regional Medical Center emergency room in January of 2002 for severe stomach and lower back pain. After approximately four hours, Mrs. Fay was discharged with a diagnsis of kidney stones. The Medical Center prescribed pain medication and scheduled an appointment for Mrs. Fay to return on Monday –  just two days following her emergency room visit.

While in the emergency room, Mr. and Mrs. Fay were not told to return to the emergency room immediately if Mrs. Fay developed a fever. As you might have predicted, Mrs. Fay developed a fever, which lasted through the weekend, yet concluded she would wait until Monday to return for evaluation. Mr. Fay returned from work on Monday to find his wife suffering from a severe seizure. The infection, which stemmed from the kidney stone, led to septic shock, which untimately caused Mrs. Fays death.

Mr. Fay sued the Medical Center and attending emergency room physician, Dr. Stephen Law , for negligent care. Mr. Fays council argued that the hospital did not comply with the National Standard of Care or Hospital guidelines.

The jury found both Grand Strand Medical Center and Dr. Law responsible; combined, the defendant’s will pay $2.88 million to Mr. Fay. However, Mr. Fay was also considered to have liability for not returning his wife to the hospital when preseted with signs of  a worsening condition.

Randy Lee, attorney for the Medical Cemter states:

“We are considering all options, including an appeal,” Lee said. “While we respect the jury’s verdict, we disagree with the outcome because we believe the patient received appropriate care from the hospital and Dr. Law.”

Looks like there may be a long road ahead in the case of Sean Fay versus the Grand Strand Medical Center.

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