Science Confirms What Women Have Known for Years – We Really Are the Stronger Sex!

This post was authored by Rachel Leyko and posted to The Eye Opener on October 23rd, 2010.

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Guess the "study" is right!

A new study from Johns Hopkins University led by assistant professor of surgery, Dr. Adil Haider has shown that women have an increased ability and tenacity to survive trauma when compared to men who have suffered a traumatic injury.

Haider and collegues collected data on over 48,000 patients who had suffered a severe traumatic injury.  Only patients whose blood pressure was extremely low – which is considered a sign of traumatic injury - were included in the study.  Male and female participants were placed in three groups – under 12, between 13 and 64 and those over 65.  After taking into account such variables as age, severity of injury, type of injury and manner of injury, women demonstrated a 14% higher rate of survival of traumatic injury than men.  While other variables may have caused the increased rate of survival, Haider suggests that female sex hormones like estrogen are a likely factor in women’s survival.  In some cases, female sex hormones enhance the immune system.  However, it is unclear whether the improved odds of survival are a result of the prescence of female sex hormones or the result of a decrease in the amount of male sex hormones like testosterone that serves as a protector.

Whatever the cause of the improved odds its nice to have science show us who is really capable of survival!

Editorial Comment: Geez…this is what I have to deal with….! (Brian Nash)

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