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The 22Tweets Interview Experience: An Invaluable Lesson Learned

Friday, November 19th, 2010

Some weeks ago, I was contacted by Lance Godard of The Godard Group, who asked if I would be interested in being interviewed live on 22Tweets at some future date. The concept of the show is for Lance to provide a forum, using the concept of a Twitter mash-up, for lawyers who tweet to tell their story “one tweet at a time.”

We were able to coordinate a date and the interview took place this past Tuesday. As you might expect, the interviewee is presented with twenty-two questions by Lance. The questions and responses are presented in live streaming format on Twitter.

For those of you who are not familiar with Twitter, your message is limited to 140 characters, which is somewhat of an oxymoron – lawyers limiting their world-shaking thoughts to just 140 characters?!

Getting ready for the big day, I studied some of Lance’s interviews with other lawyers. Sweat broke out on my brow. I wondered – how do you answer questions such as these:

  • Tell us about your law practice
  • Tell us about the clients you represent. Who are they?
  • Why do your clients hire you?
  • What do you tell every new client before you start working for them?

If that wasn’t bad enough, I then was queried about the following:

  • Your firm has a blog, Eye Opener ( Who is it for? Why should they read it?
  • In addition to the blog, you’re active on Twitter and have a Facebook page. What’s your social media strategy?

Try it some time. Figure out what you do, how you do it, and then the biggest question of all – why you do what you do – all in roughly 140 characters!

After the panic subsided, I started to appreciate what a wonderful opportunity this whole process was – no, not just for exposure or for “getting the word out” about our firm, our philosophy and the like. I had to truly reach into the core of our firm, our clients and our soul to answer Lance Godard’s 22 questions.

Fortunately, a few days before going live on 22Tweets, I happened across a video presentation by Simon Sinek on TED entitled How Great Leaders Inspire Action.

Find about 18 minutes of time and watch this inspirational piece. You won’t be disappointed.


Sinek has created a construct known as the “golden circle.” He asks, why does your organization exist? Why do you get out of bed in the morning? Why should anyone care about your organization? What do Apple, the Wright brothers and Martin Luther King have in common?

He effectively argues that people respond to the why of what you do. People want to do business with those who are able to “communicate from the inside out” – the why is shared with them, and they respond if the why resonates with them. He then warns – if you don’t know why you do what you do, then why would people want to hire you or be inspired by you.

Other gurus in fields such as marketing, branding and the like talk about “defining your goals” and “identifying your niche.” Sounds like the same why question, doesn’t it?

Thankful to people like Simon Sinek, who made me consider the why of what we do, I began my quest to define our why so that I could respond to my upcoming 22 questions.

Lance Godard and 22Tweets were really the ones who forced me to step back and think about issues I should have be contemplating for some time now. I will be forever grateful to him and 22Tweets for doing so. Whether I was able to communicate “our why,” I leave that to others to judge. I only know I will continue to consider some of those 22 questions and try to figure out as best I can – why we do what we do at Nash & Associates. Hopefully we will get a better understanding of ourselves and our clients as we explore and better answer that question.

I hope you in the legal profession get the opportunity that was afforded to us by Lance Godard of 22Tweets. We will always be thankful to him and his group for that wonderful opportunity to get to know ourselves more so that we can serve our clients better.